Partnership Spotlight: Everyday Heirlooms

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Everyday Heirlooms: Modern essentials crafted for Spring Entertaining and Gifting

Heading full steam ahead into spring means we are headed into the start of a busy entertaining season. Springtime ushers in the beginning of a few very important seasonal events. Of course, being in Kentucky, springtime is simply another term for "Derby Season," while for all of us, springtime usually is also synonymous with "wedding season." 

We love the busy chaos of springtime and can't help but get caught up in the excitement that the return of warmer weather and the siren song of parties and entertaining season begins. Maybe that is because we know we have everything we need to make entertaining and gifting season a breeze. When we began to work with our friends from Thompson Traders on what would become our Everyday Heirlooms collection, we have to admit we had this very time of year in mind. "Wouldn't it be great to have a collection of pieces to pull from - for Derby parties, Easter brunch, baby showers, bridesmaid luncheon...and of course, the perennial favorite - Derby parties?" This sentiment was quickly followed by "and wouldn't it be great to have a collection that truly crossed off every single gifting need?"

Well, we can honestly say, we did it! Our Everyday Heirlooms collection is uniquely designed to celebrate everything from a wedding shower to a backyard barbeque, as the intention was to truly create a line of timeless entertaining essentials that were as at home on a table set with your fanciest china as a table set with disposable paper plates. Quite simply they are heirloom quality pieces that were crafted to be used, not hidden away in a cupboard and saved for just the right occasion. They are meant to remind us that everyday is a special occasion and every occasion is worthy of being special. 

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This collaboration is special for so many reasons, for starters is the best kind of partnership - one that happened so naturally we can hardly believe our luck, and one that turned partners into friends and friends into partners. One that is built on such naturally shared passions and commitments that we often wondered in awe at the serendipitous thread that connected us to this family, whose own roots nestled deep in the traditions of metalworking from Mexico aligned so beautifully with our family's own generational history with bourbon making in Kentucky.

A shared passion for entertaining emerged early, alongside an equally passionate dedication to craftsmanship, quality and commitment to traditions, legacies and heritage. So a collaboration that somehow beautifully reflects all of these shared elements was born, based on the legacy of Pappy Van Winkle and crafted with the heritage of fine metal work, our Everyday Heirlooms collection encapsulates and celebrates it all.

The cornerstone of our collection, the Pappy Punchbowl, was designed as a modernized replica of Pappy Van Winkle's original silver punchbowl. We could envision parties being thrown simply for the fun of having the punchbowl as the centerpiece. So, in honor of our Everyday Heirlooms Collection, and of this favorite spring season of entertaining - we've assembled a user's guide on how to get the most of out this collection this season!

Entertaining Essentials:

The Pappy Punchbowl - the most versatile and, quite possibly stunning, piece of the collection - the Pappy Punchbowl is a one stop shop for entertaining needs. Of course, as the name would indicate, the punchbowl can be a punchbowl! With a return to an appreciation for retro entertaining trends - try a Southern style punch - with sweetly pink hues and subtly sweet concoctions that acts as both the literal and figurative watering hole. We have such fond memories of watching as our entertaining guru, a woman who handled entertaining with such style, grace and ease she would put Martha Stewart to shame, as she placed an ice ring in a punchbowl that seemed to be glimmering with an alluringly magical punch we knew we weren't allowed to imbibe but couldn't tear our eyes away from. You can also fill it with an ice and an assortment of champagne or wine ready to be popped and poured for a gorgeously simple and useful bar side or tableside bar!

The punchbowl can also be - the actual centerpiece - fill with a simple potted plant or loose foliage (or just bunches of fresh herbs or flowers from the garden) and tuck Spanish moss around it for a charmingly rustic and easy decor, or assemble an assortment of flowers for a whimsical  touch.

 A catch-all for party favors or even just a bowl of snacks meant for dipping - the true beauty of these pieces is that they are designed to be put to use, and no job is too small. 

The Big Van Cooler - Another versatile piece that offers a multitude of entertaining options is our Big Van Cooler. Designed to resemble our great-grandfather, Pappy Van Winkle's original Stanley cooler - this sleek and sophisticated chameleon, crafted in complementary brass and copper, is actually two pieces. 

With the insulated liner inserted, you have an elegant wine cooler, ice bucker or vase that you can place on a bar or a dinner table for elevated drink access and decor, or remove the insert for the option of two decorating vessels. 

The liner itself is fully functional as a separate piece - and can be used as a sleek vase, while the Big Van Cooler also makes a gorgeous vase for an arrangement that needs height and interesting stylistic aesthetic.

The Pappy Tray: An entertaining essential - a tray for all seasons and all occasions. A wholly substantial tray crafted out of copper, and modeled after the original sterling silver tray that accompanied Pappy Van Winkle's original punchbowl, this piece just like the others, pulls double and triple duty.  Simply set out as a set with the barware offerings for a cocktail collection, it perfectly accommodates the punchbowl and a set of the Van Winkle Cups for a party ready set-up. 

Of course it works equally as well as a tray full of delectable charcuterie, crudité, or any passable party snacks of your choice. 

Or a deliciously sophisticated yet completely effortless dessert bar (even easier - grab an assortment of our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel aged gourmet goodies and delight your guests while keeping yourself out of the kitchen and in the action). 

Cocktails for a crowd: set up a craft cocktail bar that doubles as an stylistic element.  

The Katie Van Sipping Spoon: Stirring spoons reminiscent of a time when every detail was important and entertaining was an art form.  Affectionally named the Katie Van Sipping Spoon, our grandmother, Katie Van Winkle, and her favorite iced tea spoons. Designed with stylistic flourish of bronze design elements, such as the embossed signature keys that represent the keys of hospitality and entertaining that honor the legacy of Pappy Van Winkle. 

The Mini Pappy Tray: A smaller version of the Pappy Tray - ready to set-up as a small cocktail assembly or passable tray for any party need - this is your cocktail set-up that works anywhere and everywhere. Include a set of cups, the Julian Jigger and a set of stirring spoons for fool-proof craft cocktail creations for Pappy hour that doesn't require a mixologist (or host) present! 

The Big Van Shaker: A shaker that demands attention and it's rightful place on the bar. Every piece of this collection was designed so that they never need to be hidden away. Leave your bar looking like it's always simply lying in wait of the next occasion to celebrate - and you just may be encouraged to celebrate more often. 

Gifting Essentials:

Wedding Gifts to Wow:Go off the registry in the best way possible. While going rogue from the wedding registry of most brides and grooms is considered to be a gift giving taboo - we can assure you, that thinking outside the wedding registry with this collection will win you the favor of any newlyweds. 

Attending a stock the bar shower? Look no further than the bar essentials in our collection. A sophisticated jigger, a set of spoons, a big van cooler - these versatile and gorgeous entertaining juggernauts will set up any newlyweds for a life of entertaining success (and earn you a spot in the gifting hall of fame...well, if there was one). 


Luncheons, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Brunches: You can never go wrong with a thoughtful entertaining essential that can be placed on the bar or in the kitchen immediately. The Mini Pappy Tray, the Big Van Shaker, or the Julian Jigger are gorgeously effortless giftables that will delight every bride, groom, graduate, newlywed, or just anyone you are celebrating for any and every reason. 

Hosting? Wrap a single spoon in each napkin the place of each attendee for a bridal luncheon or baby shower for a gorgeous take away. Tuck a set of spoons in with some cocktail napkins as a hostess gift. Bring a set of van winkle cups, or a tray as a start to anyone's collection of their own treasured family heirlooms.