The Big Apple

The bounties of fall flavor abound in this delicious take on a classic cocktail

Fall Sips: The Big Apple 

You know the saying, “the cherry on top of the sundae,” to highlight how that last finishing touch really completes something? Well, it’s a saying for a reason! Only in this case, it’s the cherry on top of the cocktail. Should we see if that catches on?   

While, much like the city that shares its moniker, the true Manhattan will never go out of style, we love to find ways to put a new twist on a classic. The Big Apple takes a fall flavor cue from apple cider and is finished off with the perfectly tart sweetness of the Orasella Maraschino Cherry.   

Just as we pride ourselves on sourcing high quality ingredients, our friends at Orasella founded their company with one simple quest, to harvest and hand preserve local Seattle grown cherries with only real ingredients and pure Maraschino liqueur. Preserving the flavor of the centuries old Italian tradition, each cherry is handpicked in the Pacific Northwest, free of dyes and preservatives, but full of pure flavor. Orasella Maraschino Cherries are truly the finishing touch of flavor perfection in our fall twist on the Manhattan, The Big Apple!    

We partnered with our friends from Orasella to create this fall cocktail bursting with the bounties of fall flavor. Incorporating apples from their family’s orchard in Yakima, Washington, the crisp sweetness from homemade apple cider meets our Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix  for a delicious cocktail perfect for the season.  

 Recommended Glassware: Pappy & Company Signature Keys Coupe 

"No better way to welcome autumn than with a cocktail flavored with the best fruits of the season."

Anne SanGiovanni, Co-Founder, Orasella  Maraschino Cherries

Ingredients For This Recipe

2 ounces bourbon

1 ounce sweet vermouth

1/4 teaspoon Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix

1 ounce apple cider


Garnish: Orasella Maraschino Cherries


How To Prepare


Pour bourbon, vermouth, Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Mix and apple cider into a cocktail mixing glass, add ice and stir with a cocktail spoon.


Strain into a chilled Signature Keys Coupe.


Garnish with an Orasella Cherry and enjoy!