A Spicy Summer Soiree, Featuring Our Pappy Pepper Sauce


After the first tasting with our friends at Midland Ghost, we knew our exclusive hot sauce would be a hit. Our  Bourbon Barrel-aged Pepper Sauce is crafted with their infamous, locally grown, first-generation ghost peppers and then aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels for a rich, smoky, oaky heat.

It’s with this southern staple in mind that Libbie Summers returns with another batch of her scrumptious recipes. This time it’s a spicy summer soiree, featuring our Pappy Pepper Sauce. Libbie is artistic director of her own lifestyle brand, “A Food-Inspired Life,” and in our opinion, mixes up the most delightful Pappy Mary cocktail. So, go beyond the grill and discover all of the culinary fun you can have with our hot sauce. Watch the video, and try our recipes below. Party on!


Pappy Mary Drinks
Hot, Spiced Bloody Mary Cocktails
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Spicy Southern Snack Mix
Party Mix Spiced With Pappy Pepper Sauce
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Hummus Packin’ Heat
Hot Pepper Spiced Hummus
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Hot Sticky Toffee Chicken Wings
Sweet & Spicy Homemade Wings
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No-churn Sweet Burn Ice Cream
Fast & Curiously Wonderful Ice Cream
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There’s plenty of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-aged Pepper Sauce to go around. Try these recipes, create your own or simply bring a bottle to your next barbecue.

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Recipes by Libbie Summers and photography by Jade and Matthew Take Pictures